NACS is a minority, women owned company. We are enthusiastic, and have a diverse background. We are excited to be sharing our wisdom and product to aid in the success of companies throughout the world. Our emblem describes who we are, and where we are headed. It is our philosophy to live by…


The emblem is based off the Fleur-de-lis. We felt it should be more abstract than the traditional design to allow for multiple interpretations. The overall design revolves around multiple inset-circles and the dark grey elements represent latitude and longitude—suggesting international business. The star light represents our company reaching out in all directions, and acts as a “guiding light” for others to connect with us. We want them to achieve success and growth. The four colors represent two scenarios. The first is a company diverse in employment and business representation. The second works along with latitude and longitude—indicating the cardinal directions, reaching out to business needs everywhere—reaching out to you!


Mother Earth, Fire, Air & Water

Spiritually in the Native world the colors represent Mother Earth, Fire, Air and Water. They are also known to some as the Four Seasons, or the Cycle of Life (birth, life, death and after life).

We represent good and hope in our quest to succeed we bring you success as well. Please join us in our journey to better the world!


Heartfelt and Ready to Grow

Native American Contractor Specialists, LLC